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Simple Kraut

Simple Kraut 

Scalable Recipe:

To measure the amount of cabbage you will need. Take your fermenting container (jar, crock, etc.) and use raw cleaned/dried off cabbage and chop up enough to fill the container twice. Chop to desired bite size.

Then place this cabbage in another mixing container (leaving enough room to where you can add and mix in the salt comfortably).

  Add to your mixing container 2% of the weight of your cabbage in salt. Massage and pound the kraut and salt mixing them together thoroughly and releasing the water out of the cabbage.

Then pack into the jar and pound to release the brine as you fill the ferment container. If you have extra brine in your mixing container then pour it into your fermenting container to cover your cabbage (if needed).

If using a weight or airlock then follow those instructions. 

If not, then make sure the vegetable matter is below the brine, or it will mold. If not using a weight, you will need to watch this closely over the fermentation period, generally 3-5 days. If not using an airlock, you will need to “burp” your jar daily when you check for the brine level. Active overflow is highly probable, especially in warmer temperatures. So, place your fermenting container in a bowl or sink to catch this overflow. 

Primary Fermentation usually takes 3-5 days and then you can ferment longer if desired. But taste after 5-7 days. 

When you are happy with the level of fermentation then remove weight and airlock (if used) and place a clean lid on your jar and place jar in the refrigerator. Or if you fermented in a crock or larger vessel you can then repack your kraut into smaller jars to fit your refrigerator.

This kraut is then good indefinitely if kept refrigerated. 

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